An effort to bring awareness and business to local, minority-owned businesses, and organizations in the Stark County area. 

Being that you already have the Cash Mob program established and, from what I understand, becoming even more successful with each effort;

I have an idea that, I feel, will be sure to not only enhance but bring a little bit of competition to the entire program.

This could potentially be an annual or even semi-annual event.

  • I’d like to implement a county-wide scavenger Hunt. With a grand prize ($$$) and other giveaways throughout. 
  • The Hunt will take place over a period of 3 days (3-day weekend, Memorial Day Weekend?)
  • Event Kickoff taking place at a venue TBD
  • On the final day, all roads lead to a picnic/cookout in the park (vendors, DJ, live music, bounce houses). Location: TBD
  • This will involve a set number of willing participants and businesses in various ways. 
  • Registered participants will have a predetermined  list of challenges they must complete in order to qualify to win the grand prize
  • The challenges can include making purchases, taking photos, completing challenges, solving puzzles, etc.
  • The challenge will be followable in real time via social media as participants post their progress using hashtags
  • Each completed challenge will reveal a QR code that will be part of a larger puzzle. 
  • That larger puzzle will be revealed and solved at the event’s Grand Finale event.

Businesses can be involved in a number of ways:

– As a stop on the Cash Mob Scavenger Hunt list

– As a presenting/title sponsor

– As a cash sponsor

– As a product sponsor for giveaways (participants will pick up goodie bags at various stops)

– As a vendor at the Kickoff, Grand Finale, and various stops

Who should be involved?

– The Press – Newspaper/TV News

– Schools/Faculty/Staff/Students

– Local Minority Businesses

– Politicians

– First Responders

– Pro Football HOF

– Black College Football HOF

– Canton Chamber

💰Monetization Opportunities

– Title Sponsor

– Cash Sponsors

– Ad Sales

– Vendor Booth Rental



The 3-day, countywide scavenger hunt is a community event designed to bring together minority businesses and organizations in Stark County, OH, and encourage people to explore the area while supporting local businesses. The scavenger hunt will take place over three days and will involve teams of participants racing to complete a set of challenges and collect clues that lead to a grand prize. The event will be promoted on social media, through local media outlets, and through targeted outreach to minority organizations and businesses.

Goals & Objectives

To promote and support minority-owned businesses and organizations in Stark County, OH

To encourage community engagement and exploration of the area

To increase awareness and visibility of minority-owned businesses and organizations in the area

To foster a sense of community and collaboration among minority-owned businesses and organizations in the area

Event Details

The scavenger hunt will take place over three days, with participants forming teams of 2-4 people. Teams will be required to visit a set of designated businesses and organizations throughout the county, completing challenges and collecting clues along the way. Challenges may include taking a photo with a specific item in a store, completing a puzzle, or answering a trivia question. Clues will be hidden at each location, leading teams to the next stop on their journey.

Each participating business or organization will be asked to provide a prize for the winning team, which will be awarded at the end of the event. 

The grand prize will consist of gift certificates and other items donated by participating businesses and organizations.

Marketing & Promotion

The scavenger hunt will be promoted through various channels, including social media, local media outlets, and targeted outreach to minority organizations and businesses. A website or social media page will be created to provide information about the event, including registration details, participating businesses and organizations, and event rules and guidelines. Flyers and posters will also be distributed throughout the community to generate interest and encourage participation.

Sponsorship & Partnership Opportunities

Local businesses and organizations will be invited to participate in the scavenger hunt as sponsors or partners. Sponsors may provide financial support, in-kind donations, or other resources to support the event. Partners may include businesses or organizations that provide challenges or clues for teams to complete during the event.

Event Logistics

The event will be organized by a dedicated team of volunteers, who will be responsible for managing registration, coordinating with participating businesses and organizations, and overseeing the scavenger hunt itself. Volunteers will be recruited through outreach to local organizations and businesses, as well as through social media and other channels.

Evaluation & Follow-Up

Following the event, participants and participating businesses and organizations will be surveyed to gather feedback and suggestions for future events. The event organizers will also conduct an internal evaluation to assess the event’s success and identify improvement areas. Any leftover prizes or donations will be donated to local charities or organizations.