This post will explain the expected project flow for the 31st Annual MLK Mayors’ Breakfast.

Phase 1: October 1 – October 31 [50% initial deposit due: Oct 1]

Breakfast theme and color selection
Event Logo Design
Website updates
– Home Page
– Sponsorship Page
Scholarship Page
– MLK Awardees Page
– Advertising Form Page

Promotional Items
– Invitation Video
– Social Media Flyer

Phase 2: November 1 – November 30

Content Collection
– Scholarship recipients (Angelina)
– MLK Awardees
– Names
– Bios
– Photos
– Sponsor and Advertiser logos and ads – Soft Deadline 12/6 – Hard Deadline 12/14 (Latrice Virola)
– Keynote Speaker bio – Rev James Lawson
– Keynote Speaker Interactive Information
– Musical Guest bio and photo
– Committee roles and recognition
– Thanks Yous
Welcome letter (Employers Health)
– Live polling & survey questions (interactive)

Phase 3: December 1 – December 31 [Second Installment due: Dec 1]

Event Design & Development
At this time, all, or most of the content, sponsors, and ads should be submitted so that M55 can begin Phase 3. During this phase, our focus must be primarily on the design and development of the following crucial items. Program book files must be turned into the printer by 12/23, as stated by Document Concepts.

Cover Design
Content Pages
Digital Book
Slide Show
Table Tent Design & Print
Live Polling Setup
QR Code Creation
Step & Repeat Design

Phase 4: January 1 – January 11 [Project Balance due: Jan 1]

Project Wrap-Up
– Step & Repeat print (24hrs) and delivery (3-5 days)
– Slide show tweaks and finalization
– Misc. website updates
– Digital book activation on the day of the event

Please reply to this post with any questions or comments.