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For the audience of nearly 100 million daily active users on Snapchat who grew up with the Pokemon-driven, “Gotta Catch Em’ All” mentality, this diverse mix of Snapchat-created, community-submitted and now brand-driven GeoFilters adds new tools for anyone who wants to customize their messages and stories.

That idea of personalization can’t be understated here. Snapchat’s filters, both branded and unbranded alike, are assets that enable someone to personalize their communications, not only publicly on Snapchat stories, but privately, too.

We like to think that geofilters shouldn’t have to just be some branded wrapper for photos and videos. As evidenced by some of the examples mentioned above, they can be fun and interactive! For the brands who figure out how to creatively use them, the sky isn’t even the limit!


*Snapchat does not design filters for you and we are not affiliated with Snapchat directly.

We are a 3rd party design company that provides you beautiful filters to upload to!